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the Hobgoblin

A review:

Hi there! I'm the Hobgoblin.

Currently, my identity is being discussed in the plot, Bump In the Night.

I might be one of several people:

Tex Janson, the apparently scatterbrained DA.

G.B. Blackrock, the corporate businessman who has taken possession of OsCorp.

Jerrica Jagger, the editor of Verve magazine.

William Fatchous, New-Age bookstore owner... and obsessed with the Jack O'Lantern.

Johnathan Whitten, crazy homeless man... and former employee of OsCorp.

Sashenka Fayina Yonovsky, displaced Russian crime princess... and mutant with retractable poisonous claws.

Selina Rodriguez, Detective in the Metahuman Investigations Department.

Now, due to recent events involving journals getting deleted, this post has more holes in him now than Jack O'Lantern does these days. HA! I slay me. So here's a quick summary of the story so far.

The second Hobgoblin, Jason Macendale (formerly the first Jack O'Lantern), was murdered in his prison cell by... well, me. (Or so it appears...)

Sashenka got together with the Rose after the Kingpin sent an assassin after her. The Rose is apparently gathering many of the local, smaller crime lords together to take on the Kingpin. Shortly after this, the Rose is shown to have me on his side as well. (Coincidence?)

Tombstone and I then led an assault on one of the Kingpin's major drug facilities. People die, but not as many as I might have liked. A few heroes get involved, but I nearly kill the Falcon with poisonous claws on my fingertips.

Then Kingpin had his men lead an assault on OsCorp. GB Blackrock quickly ran off to "get help," and I showed up shortly after that... helping to defend OsCorp. (Coincidence?) I actually avoid trying to kill any of the heroes defending OsCorp, but leave when the Punisher shows up. OsCorp was mostly saved by that point anyway.

And then I killed Jack O'Lantern. Why? What's my motive for that? Did I tell him the truth?

The remaining scenes in this plot have mostly been establishing potential motives for the different suspects. Look them over carefully. You'll never know when a clue will become important.

Remember, whoever solves this mystery first wins a one-year account. Note not the character who solves it. You don't need to have a character... or even be playing this game... to win this prize. Though you do need to explain more than just the identity. You need to explain how the new Rose fits into this... and how Jack O'Lantern does, too.

Any questions? Thoughts? Stabs at solving this mystery?
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