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Bump In the Night: The Story So Far

So, the mystery of the new Hobgoblin has yet to be solved.

So, to help you, I'm going to summarize the story so far:

A new crime lord, Sashenka Yonovsky (aka the Cruel Swan) arrived in town... and she proceeded to disrespect Wilson Fisk. Who is, of course, a completely legitimate businessman.

Elsewhere, a rather selfish and spoiled young man, William Fatchuous, is upset that a man named Macendale already took the identity he wanted. And has resolved to destroy Macendale's legacy.

And a wealthy businessman, GB Blackrock, has purchased OsCorp, seeking information that may be hidden is OsCorp's records...

Jerrica Jagger, publisher of the Verve, found this purchase of significant interest. Such a purchase was also of interest to a crazy homeless man named Johnathan Whitten.

And then the Hobgoblin, Jason Macendale, is killed. Whoever killed him had the ability to fly and seemed to have an issue with the "legacy" of the Green Goblin.

A police officer informs Spider-Man of the murder... but officer Selina Rodriguez seems to have more information regarding this topic than she should.

Yonovsky receives an offer from a dead man... the Rose. The last man to wear the Rose's identity was Richard Fisk, Wilson Fisk's son... and Richard was shot and killed by his mother.

Whitten is found to be a "person of interest" for the murder of Macendale... and he seems to know a great deal about what would have been needed to kill him.

Mark Raxton, the former Molten Man, expects to get fired by the new management at OsCorp... and instead is given a rather significant promotion. Blackrock is building a new team of superpowered heroes...

District Attorney Tex Janson takes on the Kingpin... and is either a genius, crazy, or a complete moron.

Fatchuous wants to guarantee that Macendale is dead... not just body, but soul and reputation as well.

Whitten apparently has blackouts...

Officer Rodriguez seems to have a personal reason to have wanted Macendale dead...

And then someone declares war on Mr. Fisk. The Hobgoblin, working with Tombstone and a couple of other costumed criminals, attempts to destroy one of the Kingpin's drug plants. Of particular interest in this fight is that the Hobgoblin seems to have retractable poisonous claws... an ability he shares with Yonovsky. Coincidence?

Jagger has some other personal issues involving dead siblings which may be related to this whole mystery...

Blackrock goes over the Goblin files in OsCorp's records... and considers new possibilities.

Yonovsky considers what brought her to America.

Hobgoblin kills a man for the Rose... along with his whole family.

Whitten makes a friend... which keeps him from hanging around outside OsCorp again.

Blackrock continues to build his superpowered empire... by attempting to recruit the Thunderbolts.

OsCorp is hit by Kingpin's men... and just after Blackrock runs off to get help, the Hobgoblin shows up, defending OsCorp from the Kingpin's men.

After the OsCorp battle, Spider-Man, Spider, and Green Goblin begin considering possibilities.

Elsewhere, the Rose recruits another crimelord.

Spider and Black Cat go to talk to Whitten... where it is revealed that he has a razorbat. And he claims to have worked at OsCorp years ago, where he designed the Goblin weapons and gear.

Elsewhere, Spider-Man and the Green Goblin question the Kingpin... or at least one of his employees. They discover that Kingpin has put a bounty on the new Hobgoblin. They also learn that the Kingpin attempted to pressure Blackrock, and Blackrock refused -- which was the reason for the OsCorp hit. Lastly, they discover that the "smaller" crimelords of New York may be working together right now.

The Hobgoblin tracks down the Jack O'Lantern working for the Red Skull -- and kills him.

During the events of Rise & Shine, Norman Osborn returned to life... leading to a battle with Spider-Man, the Spider, and Harry Osborn taking on Doppleganger, Harry Osborn, and the new Hobgoblin. Later, Norman Osborn was found dead... with a razorbat in his back.

Sure enough, the rivals to the Kingpin are getting together... but their meeting is crashed by the Kingpin's assassins. Yonovsky escapes... and shortly after, the Hobgoblin leads the charge to fight off the assassins, amid superhero interference.

Zach Hunter is hired to investigate the new Hobgoblin.

Spider-Man meets with Yonovsky... and she, of course, refuses to help him learn anything.

Kingpin gets mad that there's a Rose running around. So he digs up his son's grave. There is indeed a corpse inside. Just to be sure, he has a finger taken, so a DNA test can be run.

Apparently, during Rise & Shine, someone else came back from the dead. With new powers. And ignoring his former employer, working for the Kingpin instead of the Red Skull. When Crossbones and Sin attempt to recollect Jack O'Lantern, he kicks their asses, claiming to have new powers from having ventured to the realm of the dead... along with a new perspective.

Jerrica Jagger screams at J Jonah Jameson... and seems to be quite defensive of the new Hobgoblin.

Spider and Black Cat manage to foil an assassination attempt by the Hobgoblin... and he insists that he didn't kill Norman Osborn during Rise & Shine.

Spider-Man and the Spider go over what they have figured out.

Daredevil learns that officer Rodriguez seems to always be on the scene after Hobgoblin attacks.

Blackrock's got his new super-team together.

Okay, so that's the whole story so far. Now, previously, I've said that whoever correctly guesses all the pieces gets a year paid account. However, no one has managed any guesses at all... so I'm going to say the closest accurate guess wins the prize.

Put any guesses you have up here. Right now, there are no guesses at all. If you think you can make any guesses at all, put them up! If you're closer than anyone else, you'll win a year paid account! And you can make as many guesses as you like!

The mystery will be heading into its final act soon...
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