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Bump In the Night -- update:

Hi there! I'm the Hobgoblin!

As many of you already know, the plot Bump In the Night is a long-term slow-build plot that will slowly explore my identity and reveal it to you all. And, in case you wonder who the suspects may be...

I might be Tex Janson, a prosecuting attorney with a somewhat off-kilter sense of reality.

I might be G.B. Blackrock, billionaire businessman who recently purchased OsCorp.

I might be Jerrica Jagger, newspaper editor.

I might be William Fatchous, occult bookstore owner.

I might be Johnathan Whitten, crazy homeless man... who once worked as an OsCorp scientist.

I might be Sashenka Fayina Yonovsky, also known as the Cruel Swan, the recently displaced Russian crime empress.

Or I might be Selina Rodriguez, metahuman crimes police officer... who seems to know more about the Hobgoblin than she should.

The story so far...

Someone killed Jason Macendayle, the former Hobgoblin (the events of "Hobgoblin Lives", establishing Roderick Kingsley as the first Hobgoblin, have not occurred here in Marvel Mansion). And that person then went on to call himself (or herself) the new Hobgoblin.

Meanwhile, the Rose has been organizing all the different smaller crimelords into an organization which would allow them to topple the Kingpin. The Hobgoblin joined up with this new Rose.

When some of the Rose's forces went to destroy one of the Kingpin's drug plants, a massive fight broke out, and, when some of the local heroes got involved, the Falcon got a firsthand taste of one of the new Hobgoblin's weapons - retractable poisonous claws. Thankfully, the Falcon survived, but the Goblin got away.

When the Kingpin sent a force of superpowered villains to trash OsCorp, the heroes defending the place got some odd aid from the Hobgoblin. Why did he help? What is so important about OsCorp to the new Goblin?

The Jack O'Lantern was ambushed and killed by the new Hobgoblin as well -- for seemingly no reason, at least as far as Jack could tell. Of course, after the events of Rise & Shine, the Jack O'Lantern seems to be alive again... but why is he working for the Kingpin, the employer of the very first Jack O'Lantern (Macendayle himself)? Why isn't he reporting in to the Red Skull?

And speaking of the events of Rise & Shine... when Norman Osborn came back from the dead (along with half the rest of the world), the Hobgoblin appeared to be on the verge of becoming Norman's sycophant. However, though the two escaped together, Norman's body was found later -- with a razorbat in his back.

The Rose's gathering of rival crimelords was ambushed by the Kingpin's men. All the crimelords managed to escape... but who tipped off the Kingpin?

Of course, the original Rose -- Richard Fisk, son of the Kingpin -- has been dead for a little over three years. So it can't be him. Or... can it? If so... then who's buried in Richard Fisk's grave?

Why is the Kingpin so interested in OsCorp? And what is it about OsCorp that has Blackrock so fascinated? What is it that he is trying to locate? Or did he find it already? And what is it that he's trying to accomplish that would so upset his former employee Josie?

Why is Jerrica Jagger so interested in events around OsCorp? What does she know about this corporation?

Why does Johnathan Whitten carry around a razorbat? Does he still have it? Who really killed Norman Osborn when he returned from the dead during the events of Rise & Shine? Or did he die when all the other undead returned to their graves?

Is it merely a coincidence that the Hobgoblin has retractable poisonous claws -- as does Sashenka Yonovsky? Why did she come here in the first place? What happened in Russia to drive her away?

Why does Selina Rodriguez know so much about the Hobgoblin's legacy? What happened to her father?

What is William Fatchuous's whole issue with Macendayle? Is he really so obsessed with destroying Macendayle's entire legacy?

Is Tex Janson really that stupid? Or is it a front? He certainly doesn't seem afraid of the Kingpin's men...

Alright. Go ahead and start guessing! Make as many guesses as you like! Be silly. Be serious. Give your theories here.

And remember... whoever guesses correctly first will win a free paid account for a year -- even if you're not a player in Marvel Mansion.

Let loose your inner conspiracy theorists, and have some fun!
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