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mansion_fans's Journal

Home of the True Believers!
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This is primarily a community for those who read the Marvel Mansion, a Marvel-universe based RPG on Livejournal.

It is intended as a public forum for discussion of current threads, for player-audience interaction, for feedback, and ideas. We want to hear from you, and we're interested in what you have to say (as long as it's constructive). It's entirely possible the characters themselves will stop by from time to time, too. ;)

We're planning on posting updates on storylines fairly regularly to make it easier to keep up on what's going on.

There will also be a summation of Mansion continuity to highlight the differences between it and comics canon, both for our reference and for yours.

We may even recruit new players into the RPG from here as a result. If you're simply interested in applying, please see this post.

Some ground rules, first:

-- You do not have to be a member to post, or even own a Livejournal. However, anonymous posts will be screened before being made public. IP logging is also enabled. Attempts at flaming or trolling will result in banning of your journal or your IP address.

-- In the interests of player privacy, names of the muns will not be given out. Some of us have had issues in the past that we'd rather not revisit. Please respect that.

-- Respect other members and be polite. It's basic common courtesy, but it bears repeating.

-- Have fun. ;)